Focus & Scope

Al Khairat Journal of Islamic Education Counseling (JKPI-Al Khairat) is a scientific journal in the field of Guidance and Counseling in Islamic Education and Education in general which is published regularly twice a year. This journal was published by departmen Islamic Guidance and Counseling at the Tarbiyah Faculty of the Islamic Institute Al-Khairat Pamekasan. Manuscripts published in the form of scientific papers relating to: a. Scientific research in the field of guidance and counseling, psychology, and the world of education. b. Problem Solving, conceptual and methodological fields related to guidance and counseling, education psychology and general education, c. Media Guidance and Counseling, d. Guidance and Counseling Management, e. Cyber ​​Counseling, f. Multicultural Counseling, and/ or, g. Study of theories about guidance and counseling, educational psychology and the world of education.